The operation of transporting and shipping sponge iron recovery reactor of Kerman steel Factory

by Machine Sazi Arak

The sponge iron recovery reactor with technology of HYL3 has been built for the first time in the country and the fourth time in the world, and with its installation, the production capacity of 2 million tons of sponge iron per year will be created Kerman Steel Factory .

This project had two parts, the operation of transporting of the first part of this reactor which named Cooler, was done last month, and the main part was sent this week.

The operating weight of the reactor is about 2,900 tons, which is installed vertically at a height of 45 meters above the ground on a metal structure, and at a temperature of 950 degrees Celsius, it turns iron pellets into sponge iron.

All the raw materials required for the construction of this project have been provided from the domestic vendords. This reactor has 12 meters wide, 12 meters high, 40 meters long and weighs 420 tons and now it is being transferred to the site as a huge shipment.