MSA Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Equipment

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are designed and manufactured in various sizes and applications such as: intermediate storage, gas-liquid separator, reflux drum,, scrubber, flash drum, steam drum, special vessel, surge drum, distillation column receiver pull station dampener ... with a wide range of cryogenic to high temperature and pressure ranges and with different materials ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, Cold, Duplex, Inconel, chrome, molybdenum, and etc.

Different standards such as ASME, PD5500, AD_Merkblatt, UBC, ANSI, ... in the design and construction of storage tanks are used. Machine Sazi Arak have a good experience in refineries and petrochemical plants including phases 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 South Pars, Ilam petrochemical tanks, Arvand Petrochemical, Ilam Gas Refinery Tanks, Separator of South Oil, Gas Refining Khangiran and in foreign countries including Turkmenistan, Sudan, Cyprus.



Reactors in a wide range of temperatures and pressures and with different materials ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, Cold, Duplex, Inconel, chrome, molybdenum, etc., and according to various standard such as ASME, PD5500, AD_Merkblatt, UBC , ANSI, ... and with refractory lining and the use of the Half Pipe Full Pipe are designed and built outside reactors. 

Towers oil and petrochemical industries

Towers in a wide range of temperatures and pressures and with different materials ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, Cold, Duplex, Inconel, chrome, molybdenum, Monel and according to various standard such as ASME, PD5500, AD_Merkblatt, UBC, ANSI, ... are designed and manufactured. Machine Sazi Arak is honor to participated in most refineries and petrochemical plants such as Imam Khomeini Refinery,  Shazand- Arak, Towers 14,8,7,6,1, Phases of South Pars, Ilam petrochemical towers, Arvand Petrochemical tower, towers Methanol fourth and Fifth, Ilam Gas refinery towers, Jam Petrochemical  and have effective role in the design and construction of their towers.

Shell heat exchanger tube / two-tube

Heat exchangers are being considered as the most important equipment in oil and gas facilities industries. One of particular usage of heat exchangers is recycling heat loss in chemical process which is done by heating between the fluids through the tube and shell to increase or decrease the fluid temperature in corrosive environments. It should be noted that in severe corrosive environments, there is possibility of anti-corrosion coating metal (Cladding) according to customer's order.

Heat exchangers built in Machine Sazi Arak can be named as following:

5 heat exchangers for Baku, Azerbaijan Gas Refinery
8 heat exchangers for Sri Lanka Refinery Gas
35 heat exchangers for Amir Kabir Petrochemical Sixth Olefins No. 35 in 17 types
41 heat exchangers for South Pars Phase 1
50 heat exchangers for South Pars phases 4 and 5
94 heat exchangers for South Pars phases 6, 7 and 8
81 heat exchangers for South Pars Phase 14- 60 heat exchangers for Ghatran Project
6 heat exchangers for Amir Kabir Petrochemical HDPE
23 heat exchangers for Petrochemical PART - XYLENE
82 heat exchangers for Bandar Abbas Refinery
4 heat exchangers for Gas Refinery Khangiran
25 heat exchangers for Lavan refinery
8 heat exchangers for Methanol of Kharg
26 heat exchangers for Ilam Petrochemical
51 heat exchangers for Arvand Petrochemical
1 DEU heat exchangers with a design pressure of 195 bar design temperature of 272 ° C SA266 / SA336 and weight of 34 tons Isomax for single for Arak Refinery

 Air coolers  

Air coolers are one of the most important equipment in the refining, petrochemical and gas stations which are used by blowing air over the fins of the tubes and reduces heat of fluid inside the pipe. The fluid may be natural gas, liquids, oil and water. In terms of technology header of air coolers have very high sensitivity and in a state of Induced / Forced Draft so designed and produced according to the standards of API-661, ASME, TEMA
Some facilities of air coolers include: automatic change of Louver for outlet temperature control, thermal Coil system to prevent freezing fluid in cold weather, control system automatically change the angle of the fan, motor speed control system to obtain good thermal efficiency and control valves

Some air coolers which manufactured Machine Sazi Arak:
- South Pars Phase 1:  16 units with  weight of  748 tons
- South Pars phases 4 and 5: 78 units
- South Pars Phase 14: 52 units with  weight of  3,200 tons
- Yasouj Compression Station: 69 units with a design pressure of 91 bar and weight of 1,100 tons
- National Drilling Project: 18 units with a design pressure of 150 PSI and weight 36 tons
- Lavan Project: 10 units with pressure ranging from 20 to 38.7, with the weight of 138 tons
- Ramshir Project: 3 units  with design pressure of 304 bar and weighing 50 tons
- Sarkhon Project: 1 unit with design pressure of 92/13 bar and weight  of 10 tons
- Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Co.: 2 units with design pressure of 3 bar and weight of 271 tons
- Arak Petrochemical:  1 unit  with design pressure of 3/79 and weight of 370 tons
- Bandar Abbas Refinery: 16 units with design pressure of 3/79 and weight of  200 tons
- Ilam Petrochemical: 17 units with design pressure of 30 bar and weight of 500 tons

Spherical tanks

Spherical tanks are manufactured for the first time in the country by Machine Sazi Arak. Constructing about 90 spherical tanks in Iran and other countries are the glories of Machine Sazi Arak. All mechanical and structural design, purchase of raw materials, forming sheets, cutting, assembly and installation is done by the company. Spherical tanks are using for storage of petroleum refineries and petrochemical industries at high volume and pressure.
Engineering standards to design, construction and installation are: AD-MERKBLATT, ASME SEC & DIV I, ASME SEC & CIV II & PD 5500
The first spherical tank in Iran designed and constructed by Machine Sazi Arak for Petrochemical Complex of Isfahan.

Construction and installation of spherical tanks for the followings making us proud:

Bandar Abbas Refinery, Imam Petrochemical MTBE Project, Tabriz Petrochemical, Arak Petrochemical, Amir Kabir Petrochemical, Bu Ali Petrochemical, Turkmen Kianly Port, Persian Gulf Refinery, Tehran Refinery

Gas stations

Natural gas in mail pipeline of gas have high pressure which may not be suitable for use in home and industrial usage. Gas stations reduce the gas pressure in main lines and adjust it according to the distribution lines pressure. Other operations, such as measuring the flow of gas stations, heating, filter and odor of gas can be performed.


In order to isolate suspended particles and heavy liquid from gas, using centrifugal force and passes the fluid on a large number of filters a device called a scrubber is used in oil and gas transmission stations. This device is composed of a large number Cyclone which is as filters charged. Scrubber features are lack of resistance in passing line, constant pressure regardless of the contamination and operating on a wide range of flow changes.

Filter separator

Filter separator are used to treat gas in refineries, units exploitation of oil and gas wells. The device is able to separate 99.9% of liquid and solid particles up to 2 microns from gas. It rapidly deployable door mechanism for ease of replacement filters.

Dry gas filters

Gas filters are placed in gas pipeline for separating solid particles up to 5 microns. Gas  flow after entering the filter will be slowed, the larger particles suspended in a gas chamber, and the smaller particles is isolated by facing to filter element so clean gas via outlet pipe leaves the chamber filter.

Indirect gas heaters

Indirect gas heaters are widely used in manufacturing, processing and distribution of oil and gas. The most important use of indirect gas heaters is heat transfer to the high-pressure gas flow.

Launcher and receiver

Launcher and receiver unit by transmitting pig in oil and gas pipelines and pressure from the loading path, collect the sediments from pipeline internal walls at the end of the pipeline and direct to receiver with flushing of the inner pipe, by a thickness gauge on the back of pig, internal surface in terms of corrosion and thinning will be checked.

Direct gas heaters (amplifier filter)

These heaters will be used to increase the temperature by direct flame in the oil, gas and upstream industries. All operations such as design, construction and installation of direct heaters is done by Machine Sazi Arak.

Storage tanks

Engineering, construction and installation of a large number of storage tanks with fixed conical and domed roofs, floating roof and double-walled storage tanks, and construction and installation of the Middle East largest floating-roof tanks with a capacity of 1.333 million barrels at Isfahan refinery are considered as company's brilliant experiences.

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