Installation of the first and second parts of the largest process tower

in the country for Mehrpetrokimia Petrochemical

Process Tower of Mehrpetrokimia Petrochemical was built for the first time in Iran with the latest technology based on the international standards by Machine Sazi Arak. Recently, two parts of this tower were successfully installed in Asalouye region at Mehrpetrokimiya company site.

This tower, which is the largest petrochemical process tower in the country, is being built by Machine Sazi Arak specialists with 100% Iranian materials with highest quality and has a height of more than 132 meters, a diameter of more than 9.5 meters, and a weight of more than 1800 tons which will be used in the process of dehydrogenation of propane gas and produce of propylene as Splitter19c003 tower. 

It is worth mentioning that due to the huge dimensions of this tower, in order to reduce transportation costs and eliminate at least two years of road transportation time, the construction of the tower is carried out at the project site itself.