Dena petrochemical industries and Siraf energy Petrochemical Equipment (Methanol plant, capacity of 5000 tons per day)For the first time in Iran, the contract of delivery proprietary items in Methanol projects has been signed with Machine Sazi Arak. This equipment has been fully supplied from abroad so far but due to the technical knowledge and existing capabilities, has been awarded to Machine Sazi Arak

The contract of proprietary equipment include of following three packages with the scope of mechanical design, thermal design, Finite element analysis, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, test and delivery.
Methanol Reactor

MP Steam drum Secondary Reformer Waste Heat Boiler
Hot Steam super heater
Cold steam super heater, ...

These packages includes 24 special equipment with varieties of materials, including high strength steels, Cr-Mo, nickel based alloys, two phase stainless steel, piping, refractory and burners. Manufacturing of equipment is in form of two separate contracts between Machine Sazi Arak and Dena petrochemical industries and Siraf Energy Petrochemical companies. By entering this field, in addition to meet the need for the current projects and preventing the import of this equipment, the technical knowledge and facility of Machine Sazi Arak has been upgraded.

Morvarid Petrochemical Distillation Tower

Weighing approximately 195 tons with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 70 meters, which has been delivered to the employer in less than 3 months and shorter than the contract time.

Design, supply of materials, construction and delivery of Gachsaran Petrochemical Tower

Weight 160 tons, diameter 7 meters and length 35 meters

De-Ethanizer Tower of Kangan Petroleum Refinery Project

Internal diameter 5800mm and length 39000 mm and thickness 54mm and weight 320 tons

Distillation towers of Arian D-Polymer Petrochemical (Assaluyeh)  methanol design

Weight 233 tons, length 24 meters, diameter 4 meters Weight 136 tons, length 40 meters, diameter  4.5 meters

Mahshahr Oil Product Terminal Revamp - On Shore:

This project is considered to increase storage capacity, import and export of petroleum products of Abadan refinery. The scope of the project engineering, procurement, construction, erection and commissioning :

•8 fuel oil storage tanks 250,000 bbl.

•4 gasoil storage tanks 250,000 bbl.

•2 fuel oil heaters

•5 gasoline storage tanks 100,000 bbl.

•Firefighting storage tank 120,000 bbl.

•80 km piping

South Pars gas field development phase 14 (SPGFD Phase 14)

Machine Sazi Arak Co. as one of the members of the Consortium Phase 14 of the South Pars gas field development project, with a contract with a value of US$ 240,000,000 with a share of 4.57 % of the total plan, was responsible for providing the fixed equipment of the refinery.

Shazand ( Arak) Refinery Towers  Development Plan:

engineering, procurement and construction of 4 towers with following specifications(Licensor, Axens):

Splitter ( V- 3403): The tallest tower ever fabricated in the country, having a height of 101.5 m, a Dia. Of 6.1 m, weighing 785 tons made of SA- 516-GR70 fabricated in 15 months

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